Geometry in the Landscape

Linear Geometry

There are a number of factors that dictate the use of geometry I choose to use in any particular design.  I always consider the Architecture of the residence and accessory structures existing on site.  When considering the use of hardscaping in the landscape, it is essential to have some linkage  to the existing structures.  The transition from interior  to exterior spaces should be efficient as well functional and have  connectivity through the geometry, form or materials used.  The repetition of form or materials helps to reinforce the design, style or concept.  The site will in part determine the design, shapes and configurations used.  Is the terrain even or broken, elevation variations or some other geometric influence.  Other site conditions will have influence on the design and line configuration.   Styles and individual preferences are factors as well.  There is much symbolism, feeling and ambiance created by the use of geometry and the lines we draw.  Straight lines are powerful, efficient and masculine.  Curves are organic,  relaxing and feminine.  The use of lines helps to define a space and can exude a specific response.  Combinations can be used effectively within a design and the contrast resulting can be powerful.  In smaller spaces, I tend to use straight lines for efficiency.  Curves are more effective when used in larger spaces where the fluidity is pronounced.  I like to have structure in the landscape design adjacent to the residence.  Often straight lines are more effective.

Contemporary Design / Linear Geometry

The contemporary residential structure illustrated has very linear and powerful straight lines.  For this application site was reconstructed and graded to facilitate the use of parallel and perpendicular lines that mirror the residential geometry.  The residential and landscape design work together and reinforce the over all concept and design.  Simplicity and repetition of geometry was effective in this application meeting the design criteria. If you are considering a landscape installation, contemplate the use of lines.   The choice of geometry and lines used in a design will influence the environment and ambience.    Will you use linear or curvilinear lines?

Contemporary Design / Linear Geometry

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