On the Patio

Spring will soon be upon us and many us welcome the patio season.  For those looking to extend the exterior living space,  support lifestyle  and meet objectives, there are design principles to consider.  A good design will both function efficiently and offer aesthetic value compatible with an individuals style preference. The first is order, which is … More On the Patio

Patio Design

Patio systems should allow for efficient flow and access. Lifestyle, recreational use and function is determined by the spatial delineation and design layout. Connectivity and access to the residence is important. How the patio is designed and configured will in part define the use of the space and determine the flow of movement. When designing … More Patio Design

Zonal Denial

Change is in the Wind I am currently working on several design projects. Ultimately I will be producing a planting schedule and plan for my clients. The weather patterns over the past few years indicate  a change,  and at times have  not been conducive for planting or even remotely reminiscent of accepted biogeoclamatic zones.  Coupled … More Zonal Denial