Patio Design

Patio Concepts

Patio systems should allow for efficient flow and access. Lifestyle, recreational use and function is determined by the spatial delineation and design layout. Connectivity and access to the residence is important. How the patio is designed and configured will in part define the use of the space and determine the flow of movement. When designing patio system consider the function, objectives, elemental features to be incorporated, spatial requirements to facilitate the elements and intended use. Different municipalities have specific by-laws pertaining to structures, layout and should be designed to adhere to local building codes, planning policy, pertinent by-laws and statutes. In this situation there are set backs, easements, development permits and slope considerations that dictated the footprint of the plan. Always consult with the local authorities regarding compliance and obtain permits when required.


Conceptual Plan
Conceptual Perspective
Conceptual Perspective
Conceptual Perspective

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