Landscapes Evoke Emotions

Romanticism and the Landscape


Landscapes Evoke Emotions

“Monet”, Musee de L’Orangerie, Paris

Art is provocative and reflects thought, state of mind and relevance for a particular artist and perhaps has relevance for society at that particular time .  When traveling, galleries and museums are always on the itinerary.  I find it fascinating to view the “Masters” through out time and to reflect on the subject, interpretations and relevance.  John Constable (1776-1837) painted landscapes with a realism and freshness.  Casper David Friedrich (1774-1840) was one of the first notable painters to portray emotion through the Landscape Painting, revealing his emotional state and values.  Romanticism  movement often used the landscape as a vehicle to express desires, inspiration and emotions without the burden of politics, religion or convention. The Impressionist,  like Monet shown above, created such beautiful imagery with the rich pastel colours, blurred lines and interpreted landscape.  One cannot help being inspired and feel a sense of romanticism when envisioning such a place.

Recently, I had dinner with Thomas De Bruyne  an internationally renowned  floral designer.  We had a wonderful conversations regarding design, philosophies and inspirations.  Thomas would always speak of the “emotional aspect” of his designs and work.  It is the emotional commitment that elevates the work of Thomas De Bruyne.

Gardens and landscapes can be used to create a certain feeling, persona and emotion.  A particular environment can transport  us to a place, time or feeling.  I try to connect with my clientele and bring some personal aspect, personality and emotion through design.  In todays world, more people are looking for an environment that will facilitate a sense of relaxation, inspiration or personal sense of place.  I believe there is a resurgence of romanticism, simplicity and a return to the inspirations of classical landscapes.  Environment shapes my world, influences my mood and inspires me to create the best in all of my endeavours.

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