Circulation in the Landscape

Conceptual Layout

Circulation and spatial management is import for efficiency, connectivity and defines how we use and move within the landscape.  Design with flow and circulation creates a more balanced and versatile landscape.  Create a sense of discovery with movement through a space.  Have destinations and reward  the viewer with surprise, discovery and a new perspective to heighten the experience.  Creating spaces with specific functions and purpose will result in a greater a more balanced use of the space.

 I recently have had consultations with a client and have engaged in a landscape design for a back yard.  The area is relatively small in size approximately 160 Square meters.  I discuss objectives and consider design solutions relative to the objectives, site and architecture.  The more conventional option would of been to design a patio adjacent to the residence for recreational purposes large enough to facilitate a host of activities.

 When I design spaces for recreational and aesthetic value, I always given an opportunity, design with flow and circulation as a way of creating options for people to use their space.  Creating a number of areas with varying functions and capacity allows for greater usage of a space.  Different areas  are designed with different purpose, function and allow an individual space to be unique.  I design for function, capacity and light to create different experiences within a defined area.  I always design with flow and circulation in mind.  Create areas that beckon exploration and movement through an environment results in a variety perspectives.  This sense of discovery is one of the key elements to a garden.  Function and form are fundamental to any design solution.  How we define and use a particular space vary, but the principles remain the same.  Maximize the potential by creating purpose, movement and circulation.  Lighting quality is very important and creating various spaces with a specific function, one can create versatility which directly results in greater usage.  Perhaps sun and shade areas can be exploited to be used at different times of the day, different seasons and create different experiences.

In this particular design I have designed four patio areas, each with a specific function and designation.  The plan creates a more balanced approach and will result in movement through the space.  Changes in grade, orientation and configuration will create a different experience when using each seating area.  Always design with flow and circulation.

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