Inside Out


I am a designer working with interior and exterior environments.  I am always interested in how a space is defined.  Spatial delineation, elevation and functionality are just a few of the ways we can create a space.  When I work on a project I pay particular attention to each area as an entity as well as the connectivity to an adjacent area.  Transitions and how we move through one area to another is very important.  The various spaces work well when there is linkage to a design principal and therefore support and strengthen the overall design.  I feel that interiors and exteriors are best when the flow is seamless.  I always appreciate the connection to the exterior when viewed from an interior perspective.  I recently completed an interior renovation where the scope of work included the removal of several interior walls.  The results was as imagined greater continuity within in the newly created interior space.  Equally important was the extension of site lines and connectivity to the exterior.  When the renovation was completed I often heard the comment ” you also did a lot of work on the garden”.  When in fact I had done very little.  The perception changed due to the improved visibility as well as the interior design itself.  I did not use any baseboards, window trim or coverings  nor crown molding.  From the interior looking outward the focus was on the light and  garden.  The change worked well with other design objectives and created a nuance change in how the viewer related to the immediate and connected space.  There was a greater connection between the interior and exterior environments.  In this particular project the interior renovation enhanced the viewers garden experience.


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