Staging a Landscape


Exterior Staging

“Prepare to List”

In todays competitive market place, a return on investment and securing a sale may require planning and preparation. First impressions are important and the “curb appeal” is essential to get people into the home. Today’s life style extends beyond the residence, and outdoor spaces continue to represent a large portion of the investment portfolio. Whether you are staging your interior or exterior, similar principles apply. De cluttering, cleaning and general maintenance are fundamental. Here are some suggestions to maximize your selling potential.

Edit plant material as required to ensure proper scale relative to the residence.
Remove plant material against the residence and structures.
Ensure window views and visibility are maintained ensuring maximum interior light.
Manage views with minor strategic plantings that lead the eye focussing on assets.
Mirror planting may be used to screen or veil unwanted sight lines.
Entrances that invite, inspire and are a welcoming environment are important.
Strategically placed containers are opportunities to add seasonal colour, scent and detail.
Mulch planting beds always freshens and adds texture, definition punch to a landscape.
Seasonal fertilization and a proper lawn care regime will result in a healthier product.
Minimize and simplify functional seating areas for decks and patios.

Always consult with your Realtor regarding staging opportunities and consider other resource consultants in order to maximize your selling potential and investment opportunities.

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