Indoor Art Connects Landscape

Art and Landscape

Joanne Gauthier, "Like Anyone Else"

Joanne Gauthier, “Like Anyone Else”

As a designer I find inspiration in all aspects of my life. How can one not be moved by the beauty of the natural world, the environment we create for ourselves through architecture, interior decorum and art. When I am working on a landscape design, I always work with elemental details. Design is a function of form given specific criteria. A good design has efficient flow and connectivity through spacial management. I do not consider a landscape to be separate from the interior, rather part of a consolidated environment. When consulting with clients, I consider the residential interior and how the interior and exterior will relate to one another. The connectivity is important.

Recently passing by the West End Gallery in Victoria, BC I noticed a painting hanging on display. Captivated with the painting entitled “Like Anyone Else,” by Joanne Gauthier, a Quebec Artist, I made further inquiries. I found the painting to very beautiful, provocative and inspirational. The imagery colourful, described as 20th century art nouveau with an arabesques use of florals. The composition is very fanciful, the subject a pensive looking woman is adorned with botanicals as part of her clothing and headpiece.

The painting is poetic and lyrical in nature. The art becomes exemplified by its use, position and proximity. The painting hangs over an early 20th century chaise lounge with arched upright back. The painting and chaise lounge are of similar vintage, but take on a very contemporary experience. The women in the painting seemingly is resting in the chaise lounge. The exterior wall in which the painting is hung is narrow, only wide enough to support the painting and frame. In fact the frame, a brushed metallic with little detail, fits between the windows and appears to be a”gilded” window return. The art is magnetic, and you are drawn to its colour and visual presence. The art is connected to the exterior, the garden and surrounding environment. The painting is part of the garden, moreover, the women by default, becomes the garden due to the interpreted subject and composition. In this particular use, the art is as much about the exterior as the intended interior use. The connection and symbolism is extremely powerful.

Art Connecting Landscape

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